Child Custody

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A number of labels are frequently introduced in discussions revolving around child custody agreements in Texas. Common misconceptions exist about the definitions of physical custody, legal custody, primary custody, sole custody, joint conservatorship, and other terms that are used in defining parenting arrangements.

Ultimately, regardless of terms and labels, the divorce court wants to see parenting arrangements that allow both parents to remain very involved in their children's lives and in all decisions made about their children.

At the McKinney law office of Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C., we represent parents throughout the process of negotiating child custody arrangements that focus on the best interests of the children and that meet the divorce court's strict standards.

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Negotiating Child Custody Agreements That Put Family First

Family comes first at our law firm. If you are a divorcing parent, there is nothing more important than maintaining a meaningful relationship with your child. We will represent your interests in developing a schedule that allows you to parent your child while also respecting the rights of the other parent.

Child custody agreements include decisions about which parent the child will reside with most of the time, and also about visitation plans for the other parent.

The issues that must be considered when developing a child custody agreement include your child's educational, physical and mental health needs, any special needs, and his or her future educational or medical needs.

No one knows your child's unique needs better than you do. For this reason, when there are child custody disputes over possession schedules, parenting rights and parenting duties, we encourage our clients to resolve them through negotiation, mediation or collaborative law whenever possible. When child custody disputes are resolved before they become full-fledged child custody battles in a public courtroom, you will have greater control over the final outcome.

When Your Needs Change or Parents Move: Like child support orders, child custody orders may be changed when the family's needs change. Such child custody modifications will be approved only if they are in the best interests of the children. By the same token, the family court has the right to approve or deny any relocation plans the custodial parent makes.

As a mother and a grandmother, Attorney Jouette understands how important your relationship with your child is. Our firm will work diligently on your behalf and on behalf of your child to reach a child custody arrangement that nurtures that relationship.

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