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A clear, thorough visitation agreement is a crucial part of any divorce agreement. The visitation plan is part of the child custody plan. For some families, the standard visitation plan (or "possession order") provided by the courts may work, with few modifications. Other families may need highly customized parenting plans.

At the McKinney, Texas, law office of Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C., we regularly work with clients who want to use negotiation or mediation to create child custody and visitation plans customized for their families' specific needs.

Barbara Jouette is a lawyer who has extensive experience helping clients develop visitation plans — in both amicable and adversarial atmospheres. We also handle situations in which a parent requests modification of a custody or visitation order, as well as parental relocation cases.

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Creating a Customized Visitation Plan

There are many reasons to spend the time to negotiate a visitation plan that is specific to your family's needs and allows the child to spend time with both parents. Factors to take into account when developing a visitation plan include:

  • The parents' work schedules
  • The geographic distance between the parents
  • Any special medical or educational needs of the children
  • Religious or cultural traditions
  • Preferences regarding visits with other family members

In many cases, it is difficult to know right away what will work best — and you do not have to. In most divorce cases, the judge will enter a temporary order that covers issues like child custody, parenting time and support while the divorce is pending. This period of time gives parents the opportunity to think about what kind of custody and visitation plan will work best for all concerned.

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