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If you are a parent facing divorce, one of your most pressing concerns is likely the future care and wellbeing of your children. At the law office of Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C., we provide insight and practical advice about child support to the parents we represent in divorce proceedings involving children. We also handle applications for and oppositions to child support modification petitions and enforcement orders.

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Original Calculation of Child Support: Temporary and Final Orders

In a contested divorce that could take some time to resolve, a family court judge will typically issue a temporary order regarding child support, child custody and use of joint assets while the divorce is pending.

The final child support award will be based on Texas's child support guidelines. In Texas, child support is calculated based on the income of the parent who will pay. The court considers both parents' incomes when considering additional expenses that may be required beyond those covered in the standard guidelines, such as medical bills or daycare.

The law office of Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C. can help you understand how the guidelines apply to your unique situation, and we will advocate your child's best interests in developing a child support arrangement. When necessary, we conduct thorough financial investigations to make sure that each parent's income report is complete. This is especially important in cases where one parent is self-employed or does seasonal work.

A child support order may be modified after the divorce is final, as financial circumstances or the child's needs change.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

In addition to representing parents in the initial determination of child support, our firm also represents parents seeking retroactive child support and enforcement. We help parents recover past payments and advocate for a wage-withholding court order to ensure that the payments are taken directly from the parent's check.

In some cases, the attorney general's office incorrectly takes legal action against child support payors, charging them with owing back child support when they do not. We represent parents who pay child support and who have been charged with violating child support orders.

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