Child Support Modifications

Modifications to Child Support Orders in Collin County

Your original child support order is a snapshot of a family's resources and needs at a specific moment in time. Texas family law recognizes that financial circumstances change over time, and modifications to child support orders may be necessary.

The process of requesting a change to your child support order can relatively straightforward. When the other parent objects, however, child support modifications can become just as complicated as the original divorce proceedings.

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You Need More Than a Verbal Agreement to Modify Your Child Support Order. Even if you and the other parent verbally agree to modify the amount of child support, you still must formalize the agreement through the Family Law Court.
Without a formal order, the Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit (TxCSDU) will not know to change the withholding amount. Also, because the amount paid will not match the TxCSDU's records, the paying parent runs the risk of accumulating arrearages, which can eventually lead to fines, penalties and even criminal prosecution.

When Are Child Support Modifications Available?

First, in most cases the Collin County courts will only consider modifications to child support orders when at least three years have passed since the last child support order was entered. An evaluation of whether child support modifications should be made is available every three years, even if neither parent's financial circumstances have changed.

The three-year waiting period does not apply when the child support award differs by 20 percent or more, or when the child support amount would change by more than $100 if it were recalculated according to the guidelines. For example, if the paying parent had a job change resulting in a much higher or lower wage, he or she could seek a child support modification even though three years had not passed.

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