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To be effective, your family law attorney must truly listen to your needs. Only then can your attorney effectively tailor an approach to achieving your unique goals. At the law office of Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C., we listen. We pride ourselves on our dedication to offering the highest level of personal service and support.

Mediation, negotiation or litigation are all possible paths, and we are familiar with them all as they relate to contested and uncontested divorce as well as all related matters, including:

Your Case Is Unique

The listening will start immediately, whether you are contemplating a divorce or you have made the decision to file. We will listen to find out about your unique situation, lifestyle and values. When we have that information, only then will we begin working with you to customize the best approach to your divorce case.

Tailoring your case to your needs is important not just in an overarching sense, but in every little detail. We do not use the computer programs that can generate standard divorce orders. We do not rely on any templates that we use again and again. We start from scratch with your documentation, because that is what makes sense for your unique case.

Clarity and Accuracy Are Critical

Divorce documentation has a job to do. It needs to outline what is to take place. It also needs to be enforceable, taking into account all potential problems. For example, it cannot order your spouse to refinance the mortgage within six months. There is a possibility that the mortgage company will not allow it. Our experience means we know how to foresee all potential problems and craft orders that address them, ultimately achieving your goals.

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Your interests are our highest priority. Contact us today to discuss your questions and concerns about divorce in a confidential, complimentary consultation with a trusted, compassionate and committed Allen divorce attorney.