Property Division

McKinney, Texas, Property Division Attorney

At the law office of Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C., we take a practical approach to property division as it relates to our client's divorce proceedings. One of the first and most important steps we take in a divorce proceeding is to take an inventory of all of the real and personal property and perform a comprehensive discovery of all the information related to our client's financial situation.

By taking these steps early on, we are able to take action throughout the divorce proceedings that protect our client in the future. Whether you are considering divorce or are ready to file for divorce, contact us today to discuss what you need to do to prepare for the next step. Attorney Jouette will meet with you in a free initial consultation to discuss those issues as they relate to your individual situation.

We will ask you to provide us with an inventory and appraisement of both real and personal property. We will determine what is community property and what is separate property. Separate property constitutes property that was acquired outside the marriage or assets that were required before the marriage or as a gift.

A number of issues may be considered when determining how to divide assets: age, health, education level, who will have primary custody, who has squandered assets, who is at fault, who has created debt, and who will take on the debt. Attorney Jouette has extensive experience in handling real estate issues as they relate to divorce. We also do qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) to split retirement accounts and IRAs.

If you are unaware of your family's assets or level of debt, we may hire a private investigator to determine whether there are any hidden assets or increased debt. It is important to be fully aware of all of these factors in order to avoid being taken advantage of down the line. When there is a significant amount of debt, it is critical that we develop an arrangement that protects you if the other party does not follow through on the obligation.

In addition to guiding our clients through the fair division of property and asset protection, our firm also has relationships with accountants and other financial professionals who can advise them in their new financial situations.

For comprehensive, personalized counsel, support, and advocacy from a lawyer in your divorce, contact us today. We care about your future. Let us help you move forward.