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3 children back home in McKinney divorce case gone awry

When a marriage ends, there is usually a reason why. Often, the couple is not on good terms with each other when divorce proceedings begin. Hurt feelings and differences of opinion can create tense situations both inside and outside the courtroom. Family law courts in Texas and other states often issue orders during these proceedings in an effort to reduce tensions and keep the situation under control.

A mother of three in McKinney is relieved to be reunited with her children after the divorce case between her and the children's father took a dangerous turn recently. The man allegedly took his children, who are all under five years old. Authorities believe he planned on taking the kids to his mother's home in another state.

Apparently the man was upset after the court ordered him to refrain from contacting his wife or children due to her claims of regular, ongoing abuse. However, he claims his wife abused him as well as the kids, not the other way around. He ultimately stopped and contacted law enforcement, handing over the children. In all likelihood, he will now be facing more than just divorce legal issues, but no specific charges have been released at this point.

Divorce courts handle more than just terminating a marriage agreement; they often decide issues such as asset and property division and any future alimony or support requirements. Family law courts will often also hear evidence and have to determine if either party or the children are in danger as a result of the situation or proceedings. Spouses in an abusive situation may want to seek the advice of an attorney in order to protect their rights and the rights of their children.

Source: Dallas-Fort Worth CBS, "McKinney Amber Alert suspect in jail, children reunited with mother", Carol Cabazos, March 13, 2013

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