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April 2013 Archives

Violating child support orders doesn’t fly in Texas

Family law courts in Collin County, as well as in other counties across the U.S., order child support payments to ensure the child’s needs are met. Based on factors like custody and income, these arrangements are made so the everyday expenses, medical needs, extracurricular expenses and other costs for raising a child are covered. When parents default on payments, they are not only disobeying a court order, they are also affecting the support and care their child receives.

Texas considers major changes for family member visitation rights

Family laws are in place in order to protect families and ensure the best interests of all children are looked out for. As laws become outdated or the need for change arises, lawmakers develop and consider new bills to better serve and protect families. Support is mounting for a bill supporting grandparents' rights that currently is being deliberated on by a judiciary committee in Texas' House of Representatives. If passed, the bill could have major ramifications on the future family law landscape in Texas, as well as other states.

Texas Supreme Court decision could allow same-sex divorces

In recent months, debates over same-sex marriage have heated up in states all across the country. A much less discussed topic, however, is what happens when a same-sex marriage comes to an end. With so much contention over the legality of gay marriage, it has made dissolving a same-sex marriage all the more difficult.

Jefferson County program helps parents regain child custody

Unfortunately, sometimes being with one or both parents is not in the best interests of a child. In certain situations, like an abusive home or the custodial parent suffering from substance abuse, Child Protective Services (CPS) and the courts may have to step in and take legal custody away from the parent(s). Once a parent has had custody of their child taken away, it is often difficult to get any kind of child custody modification or to have custody reinstated.

Program for delinquent child support helps parents catch up

In every state in America, child support laws are meant to help ensure that the best interests of the child are looked out for and that any expenses for that child are covered. With states like Texas and many others stepping up their child support enforcement efforts, more and more parents could be facing legal troubles if they fall behind on their payments. Some states, however, are working on plans to assist people and help them to get back on track, as opposed to imposing penalties or jail time.