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Program for delinquent child support helps parents catch up

In every state in America, child support laws are meant to help ensure that the best interests of the child are looked out for and that any expenses for that child are covered. With states like Texas and many others stepping up their child support enforcement efforts, more and more parents could be facing legal troubles if they fall behind on their payments. Some states, however, are working on plans to assist people and help them to get back on track, as opposed to imposing penalties or jail time.

One county has developed a program that would help keep people out of jail for delinquent payments in child support cases. The court office responsible for enforcing child support rulings created the program to help, rather than punish, for failure to pay child support. It would help parents to establish a working plan so that they can make their required payments and still maintain their own quality of life.

In order to encourage people to participate, the program has guaranteed that participants will not be arrested for delinquent payments. The county recently completed a sizeable round up of people for failure to pay child support, further highlighting many parents' need of assistance in planning and preparing to make their ordered payments.

Success of a program such as this could lead to counties here in Texas developing and implementing similar programs to help parents get caught up on their child support if they have fallen behind. Until more assistance programs are made available, if you are having trouble staying current on child support, it may be a good idea to consult with a family law attorney.

Source: M Live, "Genesse County child support program offers no-arrest promise and information", Ron Fonger, March 23, 2013

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