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Violating child support orders doesn’t fly in Texas

Family law courts in Collin County, as well as in other counties across the U.S., order child support payments to ensure the child’s needs are met. Based on factors like custody and income, these arrangements are made so the everyday expenses, medical needs, extracurricular expenses and other costs for raising a child are covered. When parents default on payments, they are not only disobeying a court order, they are also affecting the support and care their child receives.

Failure to pay child support is a serious problem in numerous states, including Texas. Those who are found with delinquent payments can, and do, face serious consequences. In addition to penalties, bonds and court fees, parents who are accused of not paying their child support could also face as much as six months of jail time. 

The Texas Attorney General recently reported the arrest of more than 30 parents accused of defaulting on their child support payments. Officials in the county where the arrests occurred have indicated they will continue strong efforts to bring in people who fail to make court ordered child support payments. When cash bonds are posted in these cases, they are forwarded to the owed parent and child.

In order to avoid more serious legal issues, if you are having difficulties making your required child support payments, it might be of benefit to consult with an attorney. They can help you understand your options and may be able to assist in negotiating an adjustment to your order. Parents who are owed back child support payments may also find it helpful to obtain legal representation in order to go about notifying the court of the missed payments and to begin the process of getting what your child is due.

Source: Valley Morning Star, “County rounds up child support violators”, April 12, 2013