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May 2013 Archives

Nash and ex-wife back to court over where she and kids can live

Each individual state has their own laws and child support guidelines. Some are very similar, while others vary drastically. Some states, for example, put much more severe obligations on parents than other states do. While these variances generally do not have much of an impact, there are times when they can.

Texas family law court to hear groundbreaking case

Over the years, the family landscape in America has grown and evolved. These changes have led to complexities for family law courts in McKinney and elsewhere. Whether readers view these changes as positive or negative, they have inarguably created brand new questions and issues for family law courts all across the U.S.

Country crooner, Jason Aldean to divorce long time love

Readers in Collin County know that sometimes, despite the best intentions, marriage does not last 'til death do you part. Sometimes marriages face tests that are too much to overcome, other times couples simply drift apart. In the event that time comes, couples are able to get a divorce to bring their marriage to a legal end.

Restrictions on parental rights for convicted rapists

Unfortunately, in Frisco and other cities all across the nation, sexual assaults occur regularly. Rape can sometimes lead to an unplanned pregnancy. In those situations, the victim has numerous difficult decisions, like whether to go through with the pregnancy or to have it terminated, as well as whether to keep the child or to put him or her up for adoption. As if those decisions are not difficult enough, in some states mothers could have to fight their abuser to prevent them from pursuing their parental rights or even child custody.