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Country crooner, Jason Aldean to divorce long time love

Readers in Collin County know that sometimes, despite the best intentions, marriage does not last 'til death do you part. Sometimes marriages face tests that are too much to overcome, other times couples simply drift apart. In the event that time comes, couples are able to get a divorce to bring their marriage to a legal end.

Popular country singer, Jason Aldean recently filed for divorce from his wife. The pair had been a couple since they were teens and have two daughters together. It was not reported whether the filing was a result of Aldean's recent indiscretion, but his representative did verify that Aldean and his wife had been having problems. He, not long ago, was caught canoodling in a bar with another woman.

Now that the documentation has been filed, the next step is waiting for a divorce proceeding. A court will likely hear the case to determine a settlement and any future orders for child or spousal support. It is unknown to the public at this time whether or not the couple had a prenuptial agreement.

Emotions can run high during a divorce. It is often hard enough to deal with the end of the marriage itself. After that, however, the real stress can hit when it comes time to finalize things and divide property, funds and assets. For those reasons and more, it can be beneficial to obtain legal representation if you are planning to file for divorce. An attorney will help to ensure your rights are upheld and look out for your interests during the proceedings. 

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