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June 2013 Archives

Father takes child support reduction case to state Supreme Court

Readers in McKinney are likely aware that family law courts in Texas and throughout the U.S. order child support payments to ensure that both parents are bearing the responsibility of meeting the financial needs of raising a child. Sometimes, a parent's circumstances may change after the time when the child support payments are ordered and a modification may be needed, either to increase or to reduce the amount of the court ordered payments.

Child custody dispute ensues over deceased NFL player's daughter

Until a child reaches the age of 18 in Collin County, their parents or a legal guardian are responsible for their care and upbringing. In the event that a child loses both of their parents, disputes between family members over who will have custody sometimes ensue. This can be especially difficult when there is not a pre-determined plan or other arrangement in place to express the parents’ wishes for the care of their child.

Houston parents have rights revoked after abandoning newborn

Family law courts are in place in order to reach fair settlements and look out for the best interests of those who become ensnared in family related legal disputes, specifically when the best interests of children are in question. When parents are found to be neglectful, or to not be putting the needs of their children first, family law courts may have to make difficult decisions regarding child custody and future parental rights.

Divorce clause prevents Texas woman from living with partner

The vast majority are probably of the belief that once a person divorces, they are rid of their ex. Obviously in instances when there are children involved where a former couple may have to interact on issues or for events related to the kids, but the ex certainly would not have a say in your future relationships and how you choose to live, within the law. Some divorce agreements, however, carry clauses that can greatly affect one’s future.