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Father takes child support reduction case to state Supreme Court

Readers in McKinney are likely aware that family law courts in Texas and throughout the U.S. order child support payments to ensure that both parents are bearing the responsibility of meeting the financial needs of raising a child. Sometimes, a parent's circumstances may change after the time when the child support payments are ordered and a modification may be needed, either to increase or to reduce the amount of the court ordered payments.

One father is taking his case for a reduction in his court ordered child support payments to the state's Supreme Court. The man reportedly had his pay cut nearly in half when his salary was reduced from more than $140,000 per year to $75,000. Despite having his pay reduced, the man still has access to his cell phone, season tickets to a local university's football games and Lexus, all of which were provided to him by his employer. The man claims those perks should not be included in his gross income when determining the amount of child support he should pay each month.

Two previous judges in lower courts ruled against reducing the man's child support payments. Although he had a significant cut in pay, both judges reportedly determined that, with his altered salary and the additional benefits and job perks, the child support payments already ordered should stand.

Anyone who has court ordered child support arrangements might find it of benefit to obtain legal representation. Whether you are having trouble making your payments and need them reduced, or you should be receiving payments and they are not being made, an experienced attorney can help to look out for your interests, as well as those of your child, and address any concerns that may come up.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, "Dad doesn't want his perks to count in calculating child support", Catherine Candisky, June 12, 2013