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Mayor accused of not paying child support by ex-wife

When readers in Collin County think of parents who are in hot water for failure to pay child support, they don’t typically think of city officials as being those parents who fall behind. Just like anyone else, however, a city official may become delinquent with his or her payments. In the event that a parent does not pay their child support, it can put undue stress on the other parent because they are forced to cover all of the financial needs associated with raising a child while the payments go unpaid. In order to get what they are owed, the party who is owed

According to the former wife of the mayor Greensboro, North Carolina, he is delinquent with his child support payments. She alleges that he owes over $12,000 in court ordered support payments for the three children they share, as well as alimony he was ordered to pay as a stipulation in their divorce settlement. He is reportedly seeking to have his payments, both for spousal and child support, reduced and claims to owe a different amount than that alleged by his ex-wife.

The couple only finalized their divorce this year, but they have been separated since 2011. The amount of the mayor’s monthly child support payments is unknown to the public, but since his wife filed a motion for non-payment, a court reportedly ordered him to pay his ex-wife $1,700 before the hearing.

It may be of benefit for anyone involved in a child support dispute to obtain legal representation. An experienced attorney will be able to look out for your interests, as well as offer you advice based on your specific situation and circumstances.

Source: Miami Herald, “Greensboro mayor will pay estranged wife”, July 17, 2013