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Usher may lose custody of sons after oldest almost drowns

In Collin County and elsewhere, child custody battles between parents can be long and heated. In many cases, each parent feels that they know what is in the best interests of the child, and often times, those opinions do not match up. Situations like these can become even touchier when a parent believes the other is putting the children in danger.

The contentious child custody battle between singer, Usher, and his ex-wife heated back up recently. Usher has primary custody of the two boys he and his ex-wife share, but the pair has been embroiled in a custody dispute since their split in 2009. She reportedly filed a motion for an emergency custody hearing after their 5-year-old son almost drowned and had to be hospitalized following an incident at the singer’s home. He was not home at the time of the accident; the boy was in the care of his aunt. 

According to reports, the boy was stuck under water for an unknown amount of time after his arm got stuck in the pool’s drain. The mother of Usher’s sons is reportedly claiming that the environment the singer is raising them in is unsafe because, in his absence, he leaves them in the care of people who are not fit to watch them.

It may be of benefit for anyone who is considering filing for a modification to his or her child custody arrangement to consult with an experienced attorney, especially if you feel your child’s welfare may be in danger. A lawyer can explain your options and help to look out for not only your interests, but also the best interests of your child. 

Source: US Magazine, “Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Files for Custody of Sons”, Nicole Eggenberger, August 7, 2013