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September 2013 Archives

Higher rate of American baby boomers now divorcing

Fifty years ago divorce in Texas and nationwide was a much more taboo occurrence than it is now, with less than 3 percent of Americans choosing to divorce back then. People tended to stay together in unhappy marriages until one of the spouses passed away because a negative connotation was often attached to divorce. However, the current social conventions surrounding divorce dictate that those who are not in a relationship that works for them should seek companionship elsewhere. Interestingly, more than ever before baby boomers are beginning to adhere to these conventions as well.

Access and Visitation program promotes payment of child support

All across the nation, child support disputes and uncooperative parents are all too common. In an attempt to combat this issue, the Office of the Attorney General has been providing assistance to Texas families and encouraging noncustodial parents to continue to stay connected with their children and regularly pay their child support.

Texas woman loses custody of son after alleged threats to Obama

When deciding on parenting agreements, the Collin County courts take into consideration the child’s overall wellbeing in order to help determine how the child custody arrangements should take place. When one parent is incarcerated, the court will rule on whether or not the other parent is fit enough to gain custody.

Divorced couple battles over children's surname

When dealing with children during and following a divorce, family law judges in Collin County and all throughout the nation must take the best interests of the children into question at all times in order to better protect them. Regardless of the wishes of the parents or how impassioned they are in their beliefs, if something may have a negative effect on a child’s future it should be avoided.