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Higher rate of American baby boomers now divorcing

Fifty years ago divorce in Texas and nationwide was a much more taboo occurrence than it is now, with less than 3 percent of Americans choosing to divorce back then. People tended to stay together in unhappy marriages until one of the spouses passed away because a negative connotation was often attached to divorce. However, the current social conventions surrounding divorce dictate that those who are not in a relationship that works for them should seek companionship elsewhere. Interestingly, more than ever before baby boomers are beginning to adhere to these conventions as well.

According to reports by the Census Bureau in 2011, over 2 percent of Americans above the age of 50 were separated, and nearly 16 percent were divorced. Authorities in the field of family history believe that these numbers are likely to stay static for some time even though the overall rate of divorces is actually going down.

Researchers believe that this increase in older couples dissolving their marriages can result in difficult consequences for families and governmental institutions. They cite financial burdens as being a common issue. Still, medical technological advances have been lengthening the average American’s lifespan and many people are no longer willing to spend the rest of their long life in unhappy circumstances. According to a family history professor, women are more likely to file for divorce than men are.

Whether you are a baby boomer who has been married for a few decades or your marriage is new, if you are interested in filing for divorce a family law attorney can walk you through the entire process.

Source: The New York Times, “Divorce After 50 Grows More Common,” Sam Roberts, Sep. 20, 2013

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