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Texas woman loses custody of son after alleged threats to Obama

When deciding on parenting agreements, the Collin County courts take into consideration the child’s overall wellbeing in order to help determine how the child custody arrangements should take place. When one parent is incarcerated, the court will rule on whether or not the other parent is fit enough to gain custody.

A Texas woman lost custody of her newborn son given that she is currently in prison and facing criminal charges for allegedly sending poison-laced, threat-filled letters to U.S. President, Barack Obama, as well as others. While in federal custody, the woman gave birth to a baby boy. Her husband, the boy’s father, is divorcing his wife and has been granted temporary custody of the infant. The woman has five other children as well, though her relationship to those children, as well as the custody arrangements she has with their fathers, is unknown.

According to reports, after the woman allegedly sent the deadly letters to Obama, she attempted to frame her husband for the incident. It is unclear why she targeted her husband, but police say that the woman called the authorities to confess her spouse’s involvement. It appears that her alerting of the authorities ultimately lead to her arrest. The FBI does not believe that her husband had any role in the crimes.

Although the father has won temporary custody of his son, he likely still needs a child custody lawyer to help him gain full legal custody. An attorney can help the father petition the court and show them that he only wants what is best for his child.

Source: Daily Mail, “Woman charged with sending ricin letters to Obama loses custody of her newborn to her husband - whom 'tried to frame for the crimes' - as judge rules her fit to stand trial,” Aug. 28, 2013

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