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A past abortion may shape the outcome of a child custody case

After six years of marriage, a Texas banker and his ex-wife have found themselves embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their two young children. According to reports, the child custody case took a controversial turn when a lawyer for the ex-husband petitioned to question his former wife about a previous abortion that was discovered.

The woman’s lawyer stated that allowing the woman to discuss her abortion is harmful to both the courts as well as women’s rights. However, the judge ruled that information regarding the abortion and leading up to it was relevant, as well as whether or not the man who fathered the aborted child was in some way a part of the other children’s lives.

The ex-husband’s lawyer indicated that the woman was continuously complaining about the undue stress she felt solely as a result of her ex’s actions, while failing to address the stress that would inherently arise from having an abortion. Furthermore, his lawyer believes that the woman acted hypocritically when she refused to allow her ex-husband to take the kids for Easter because he identifies as an atheist; however, reports indicate that it was during that same holiday weekend that the woman had the abortion.

Whether or not information regarding the abortion will have a negative affect on child custody or visitation rights remains to be seen at this time. The judge will review the cases presented by both parties in order to establish what custodial arrangement will be in the best interests of the children.

Source: NY Daily News, “Judge's decision to allow Lisa Mehos' abortion to be used as evidence in New York custody case causes stir,” Dareh Gregorian, Sept. 25, 2013

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