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An unreasonable spouse may trigger divorce, study says

No one denies that marriage is difficult. Even when you are married to the person who you would consider to be your soul mate, personality quirks, different parenting styles and financial concerns can tax your patience and put a strain on any healthy relationship. At times those stressors can take such a tremendous toll on a marriage that it is damaged it to a point where the couple feels that divorce in Texas is the only viable option, so they head over to a family law attorney to make it official.

In any successful relationship, domestic partners must work together as a team. When one person refuses to do so, it can leave their spouse feeling resentful. In fact, a recent study reports that being unreasonable is the primary reason for divorce nowadays. According to sources, an example of unreasonable behavior includes when a spouse spends family money. Another example included a couple fighting because one person likes being social while the other does not.

In the past, infidelity topped the charts for why couples dissolved their civil unions. The study compiled data from decades past and found that in the 1970s cheating was the cause of nearly 30 percent of divorces. Today, infidelity is the reason behind only around 15 percent of split-ups. This is in stark contrast to the 47 percent of marriages ending due to unreasonable behavior today.

If you feel that filing for divorce is your next step, regardless for the reasons why, contact a divorce lawyer to assist you in doing so.

Source: My Fox Philly, “Study Shows Biggest Reason For Divorce Is 'Unreasonable Behavior',” Sept. 23, 2013

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