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Many couples are choosing to separate instead of divorce

In years past, statistics indicated that around 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. More recently, however, experts agree that those numbers are declining for a number of interesting reasons. While it would be nice to believe that more Texas couples are staying together, the truth is that outside factors are at play and are skewing what is really going on behind closed doors.

According to an article by a professional divorce coach, time and money are two of the biggest reasons why couples are not getting divorced. Many couples, although unhappy in their marriages, have chosen to forego divorce proceedings because they feel that they don’t have the time that it takes to battle it out in court. Instead, they are turning to separations instead of dissolution of marriages.

In many cases, couples may need time to consider the future of their marriage so they choose separation; however, the divorce coach believes that many couples are opting for permanent long-term separations, without any consideration for divorce at all. She believes that a big driving force behind this is that often couples are not financially prepared for the cost of divorce proceedings, nor are they equipped to handle supporting their lifestyles on a single income. In those instances, many couples continue living together, though not in a marital sense.

A legal separation is a good option for many couples who are considering the future of their family. It gives them the ability to address important matters such as child custody, spousal support and other family law issues with the backing of the courts to help enforce them.

Source: Babble, “Recession, High Cost of Divorce Contribute to Couples in Long-Term Separation,” Carolyn Castiglia, Sep. 30, 2013

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