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Texas' Attorney General Child Support Division is nation's best

Texas has long since believed in making child support collections a priority. Parents often rely on those payments that are needed to feed, clothe and otherwise adequately protect children. When a non-custodial parent fails to make their child support payments, it is the innocent children who ultimately suffer.

According to reports, the Child Support Division of the Attorney General in Texas continues to lead the nation for collecting the greatest amount of child support. They make child support collections mandatory for individuals who receive public service. By doing so they are often able to put more of the financial burdens where they belong and take them off of the state. In fact, sources show that over a quarter of a million Texas parents were able to get off of temporary public assistance directly as a result of the child support funds that were collected.

At the end of August of this year the state closed their fiscal calendar and claimed to have collected $3.6 billion. These marked efforts are not only a boon to families but they also greatly affect taxpayers. In fact, the Child Support Division declared that during the 2012 fiscal year, taxpayers were saved approximately $1.76 billion.

The Attorney General’s collection efforts are likely to continue forward full force. It has been said that over $27 billion has been collected since 2002. Millions of families have been positively affected throughout the year, with more positive efforts to come.

Individuals who are not receiving the child support payments as indicated by a court order should contact a family law attorney to help guide them through the appropriate avenues necessary to start the collection efforts.

Source: Texas GOP Vote, “Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division Sets Record with $3.6 Billion in Child Support Collections,” Oct. 1, 2013

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