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Conference aims to educate about child support by debunking myths

Many individuals across the nation have misconceptions about child support and how it can affect all parties involved. As such, a conference was held to discuss many of the common child support myths and debunk them in an attempt to keep parents aware and educated. While this conference was held in the Midwest, the facts still pertain to McKinney families as well.

A family court commissioner explained that those who are aware of their rights can better enforce them in court. Proper education can be particularly helpful to young parents who are navigating the complex child support system for the first time.

Sources reported a common misconception is that child support is an equal commitment for both parents. This is not the case given that the parents’ individual earnings, and who retains physical custody, determine how much the support payments are.

Furthermore, some are under the impression that failure to pay child support will bar the parent from seeing their child. Although delinquent payments can lead to felony charges if they aren’t rectified, missing a payment doesn’t automatically mean that the parent loses all rights.

Some of those who participated in the conference – like charity workers, women’s resource center representatives, and health care workers – admitted that even though they often deal with child support services, they still have difficulties understanding the system. As such, this is the perfect testament to why it is important to many to have a family law attorney by their side whenever dealing with divorce, child support and child custody matters.

Source: The Journal Times, “Conference clarifies the facts on child support, family court,” Alison Bauter, Nov. 9, 2013

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