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December 2013 Archives

Male military divorce rates stay static while female rates drop

It’s no surprise that marital relationships can seriously decline when a spouse is an active-duty military member. Serving our country is often associated with stressful situations, emotions that are difficult to process and being away from those you love—all of which can take a serious toll on a marriage, as some McKinney residents have come to find.

South Texas parents arrested for violating child support orders

It’s no secret that Texas takes a tough stance when it comes to child support. The Child Support Division is set up to help those in need of public assistance with verifying paternity, tracking down absent parents and even collecting unpaid child support payments.

Child custody arrangements focus on legalities, not fairness

A concept regularly discussed in custody cases is determining what the best interests of the child are. However, some individuals feel that Texas laws don’t allow the welfare of the child to come first in many situations. Certainly in any family law dispute one or more parties will come away unhappy, but child custody arrangements must be decided according to laws that can often seem unfair.

Texas Attorney General says same-sex divorces aren't legal

Earlier this year it seemed that same-sex couples would be given the right to legally divorce, just as a heterosexual couple can. However, recent opposition from the Texas Attorney General has thrown up a road block.