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South Texas parents arrested for violating child support orders

It’s no secret that Texas takes a tough stance when it comes to child support. The Child Support Division is set up to help those in need of public assistance with verifying paternity, tracking down absent parents and even collecting unpaid child support payments.

Recently, authorities in the south of Texas took child support enforcement to the next level by locating and arresting parents who have allegedly failed to abide by child support court orders. In all, 152 individuals were arrested across five counties, with almost 50 percent of those arrests taking place in Hidalgo County and another 25 percent occurring in Cameron County.

During the week-long bust, the Child Support Division gave a helping hand and used their well-known services to track down the hard to find parents. Those arrested will be given an opportunity to be released from jail by posting bonds. Reports indicate that bond money will be used to pay down a parent’s delinquent child support balance. Those convicted of violating their court orders could be given a maximum of six months of jail time.

It is important to note that law enforcement personnel were only going after those parents with civil warrants for failing to abide by their child support order. In other words, individuals with an informal agreement with their former partner will not be given the same protection as those who have taken the matter to court. Parents that want financial help raising a child, or a way to see that enforcement of delinquent payments takes place, should contact a family law attorney for assistance.

Source: KVEO News Center 23, “Local authorities conduct child support warrant roundup resulting in 152 arrests,” Nov. 25, 2013

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