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Texas man criticizes jail sentence related to child support

One of the most prevalent concerns of parents that choose to separate is the financial security of their children. To ensure proper care of a child, a court will sometimes review both parents’ income to determine if and how child support payments are to be made. If a parent fails to honor a child support arrangement initially, the payments can be enforced.

A Texas man, who has been sentenced to jail for a six-month period, says this outcome does not suit the best interest of his 11-year-old son. The judge’s reasons for choosing this sentence remain unclear. The man had settled his child support payments before he met with the child’s mother in court. His attorney apparently found that the man’s employer had withheld varying amounts of money from him on different weeks. The man says he had not been informed when the amount of child support was altered.

The judge was also apparently in agreement with the mother’s attorney, who wanted the man to pay $3,000 in attorney fees. The man’s attorney is allegedly working towards an appeal. It is unclear how often the man saw his son, but court documents indicate that he did not follow the court’s visitation schedule. The father claims that he cannot pay child support while he is serving his sentence.

Failure to meet child support guidelines as outlined by the court can place a significant financial strain on a child’s primary guardian. Without these payments, it can be difficult to support a child’s every day expenses and medical needs. If you are dealing with current or retroactive child support issues, you may wish to speak with a child support lawyer.

Source: My Fox Houston, “Father pays outstanding child support, still gets jail time,” Randy Wallace, Jan. 3, 2014

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