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Texas professor evaluates factors that affect divorce rates

There are many reasons why two people may decide to end a marriage. Financial disagreements, communication issues and infidelity, for example, are commonly stated causes of marital separations. A recent study evaluated alternate influences that can affect marital stability and the probability of getting a divorce.

A demographer and professor of a Texas university has found that some aspects of conservative religious environments contribute significantly to divorce rates. She alleges that marriages that lack stability can result from factors like teaching abstinence-only and discouraging cohabitation prior to marriage. The professor had been studying the reason why some of the more religious states have higher divorce rates than some liberal states.

She and her colleagues also found that the divorce rates of non-religious individuals can be affected by the influence of religious culture within the area. The high divorce rates of the South had previously been attributed primarily to socioeconomic difficulties. Young childbearing ages and the pressures for couples to get married earlier in life were also noted as contributing factors of marriages that lack solidity.

The process of getting a divorce can have financial and emotional implications for both parties involved. Property division, prenuptial agreements, child custody arrangements and other factors can have a significant impact on the overall outcome of the divorce. In some cases, individuals may also seek modifications once a divorce has been finalized. If you are considering getting a divorce or seeking post-divorce modifications, you may wish to speak with a divorce attorney to better understand the process ahead of you.

Source: Huffington Post, “'Red' States Have Higher Divorce Rates Than 'Blue' States, And Here's Why,” Jan. 21, 2014

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