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Texas woman seeks child custody modifications

When two people decide to divorce one another, often the most critical focus of their legal concerns is the future living situation of their children. In some cases, custody is denied to a parent that is perceived by the court as unfit to properly care for the child because of violence, adultery, relocation or other factors. However, sometimes personal or familial circumstances change after child custody arrangements have already been set, in which case modifications may be made.

A woman in Texas intends to ask a judge to grant her custody of her infant daughter after completing a 16-week program. The class, which focused on alcohol and drug abuse, had been a requirement from Child Protective Services. At the end of those three months the woman allegedly graduated from the class with a new perspective.

She spoke of a newfound realization that caring for her daughter is her biggest priority as a mother, and she plans to provide the judge with details of her personal progress. It is unclear which drugs the woman had been taking and how long she had been a user. Her standing custody arrangements are also unknown, as are the wishes of the infant’s father.

Custody orders are generally based on the best interest of the child in question. If familial circumstances change after an arrangement is made, parents may seek child custody modifications to reflect such adjustments. Individuals that are facing custody arrangements may wish to speak with an attorney to assess the needs of the children that are involved.

Source: Killeen Daily Herald, “United Way funds help counsel ‘empower people to get lives back,’” Rose L. Thayer, Dec. 30, 2013

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