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February 2014 Archives

Texas man may serve 6 months for child support-related sentence

For divorcing couples, the prospect of gathering adequate resources to raise a child can seem daunting at times. However, the determination of child support can help parents develop a consistent approach to financially sustaining their children. Failure to pay child support on time can lead to penalties that substantially encumber all parties involved.

Grandparents experiencing family law issue seek visitation rights

In the state of Texas, many family legal issues stem from instances that relate to preserving a child’s best interest. While family law situations most often involve the parents of a child, they can also include matters like grandparents’ rights to visitation.

Woman failed to honor child custody arrangements

In the state of Texas, a critical factor of divorce proceedings involves establishing whether a parent will have primary custody, sole custody, or an alternate legal arrangement with their children. The process of determining custody is meant to provide a child with the most optimum living situation for their specific needs. In some cases, child custody arrangements are later modified to reflect a changing familial dynamic.