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Grandparents experiencing family law issue seek visitation rights

In the state of Texas, many family legal issues stem from instances that relate to preserving a child’s best interest. While family law situations most often involve the parents of a child, they can also include matters like grandparents’ rights to visitation.

A Michigan couple sought visitation rights involving their deceased son's two children. The children’s mother apparently has apprehensions about permitting this contact. A family court terminated the parental rights of the children’s father after he had been charged for first-degree child abuse. The attorney representing the children’s mother maintains that because the man’s parental rights were terminated prior to his death, his parents do not have the legal standing to sue. The father of the deceased man claims that it is in best interest of the children to be able to see their grandparents.

In the couple’s effort to win visitations, lower courts ruled against them. An outnumbered judge of the Court of Appeals apparently contended that the Michigan’s Child Custody Act had been misread. The case centers on the definition of grandparents, according to the couple’s attorney. It has been brought to the Michigan Supreme Court .The couple has not been permitted to visit their grandchildren in more than two years.

Family law issues can cause significant emotional distress for all parties that are involved. In some cases, a person’s rights may be restricted or denied as a result of these sometimes costly and draining proceedings. If you are experiencing a family law issue, you may wish to speak with a family law attorney.

Source: MLive, “Michigan Supreme Court hears case of Saginaw grandparents fighting to see grandchildren,” Brad Devereaux, Feb. 3, 2014

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