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Texas man may serve 6 months for child support-related sentence

For divorcing couples, the prospect of gathering adequate resources to raise a child can seem daunting at times. However, the determination of child support can help parents develop a consistent approach to financially sustaining their children. Failure to pay child support on time can lead to penalties that substantially encumber all parties involved.

A father in Houston apparently worries that he will not keep his job if he loses an appeal and serves the complete duration of his court sentence. He has been out of jail with an appeal bond after having spent several days there. The father stated that he will be in debt until his 11-year-old son has grown up. The man had allegedly been behind with child support payments and paid $3,000.

According to his attorney, the man is evidently in contempt for neglecting to both visit his son like he was ordered to do, and to finance child support in a punctual manner. The family court judge ordered him to serve a 6 month sentence. He apparently got out of jail because his attorney filed the appeal. The man said his son is not being benefited, and his attorney conveyed that he thinks the essence of the sentence is outrageous.

Child support is designed to anticipate and meet the financial needs involved with raising a son or daughter. Without this compensation, it can be difficult or nearly impossible to adequately provide for a child on a daily basis. If you are currently facing a child support dispute, you may wish to contact a child support lawyer to learn more about your options.

Source: My Fox Houston, “Father jailed for paying child support late gets out on appeal,” Randy Wallace, Feb. 4, 2014

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