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Study addresses prominence of divorce in relation to U.S. economy

Issues related to money matters, including financial dishonesty and conflicting spending practices, are some of the most widely noted reasons why couples in Texas choose to end their marriages. Recent findings indicate that America’s improving economy is causing an increase in the national divorce rate.

As the economy stabilizes, aggrieved married couples are reportedly getting divorces with less hesitation. Amid the recent economic recession, the rate of divorce evidently dropped by roughly 7 percent. The author of a study involving 1,197 married Americans said that there was an upsurge of divorces after the Great Depression, and as the current economy improves there will be an increase of divorces. A noted cause of the upswing is the ability to divide home assets that had not been formerly sellable.

The author of the study also said that some individuals defer divorces until they are able to divide assets and sustain themselves more easily, or until someone is able to purchase their residence. The study found that 38 percent of the couples that had been contemplating divorce before the recession ended up setting aside their intentions. The findings also indicate that 29 percent of American citizens think the recession expanded their commitment to their marriage, in spite of past determinations that suggest that financial difficulties generally impair marriages.

No matter which factors influence a couple’s decision to get a divorce, the overall process can involve a myriad of emotions, as well as the potential to have a draining legal dispute. Property division, spousal support and child custody are all factors that may influence the potential outcome of a divorce. If you are considering getting a divorce, you may wish to contact a divorce attorney that can address the specific details of your case.

Source: Huffington Post, “Recession Divorce Rates: Marital Unions Unraveling As Economy Bounces Back?” Amy Lee, Feb. 11, 2014

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