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Texas man allegedly thought his legal separation was a divorce

When two people come to the end of a marriage, they must participate in important legal processes that validate the termination of their marriage. If an individual fails to comprehend the implications and underlying principles associated with divorce, as well as its distinction from legal separation, they may later face negative legal repercussions.

The lawyers of a Washington woman claim that she is entitled to her husband’s retirement money, and that his marital union with another woman was illegal. While allegedly still married to the woman that had been his wife for 34 years, the 62-year-old Stafford man married another woman. The man's latter wife, whom he married in 2009, evidently filed for a divorce and was awarded an allotment of his retirement money.

The man was under the impression that his legal separation with his initial wife in 2006 was considered a divorce, according to his lawyers. One of the man’s attorneys alleges that the woman's actual incentive for conveying the case to authorities involves monetary gain. The man is out of jail with a bail amount of $10,000. For the bigamy charge, the man could face as much as 10 years of jail time.

Not only can divorce legal issues harm the emotions of the individuals that are involved, but they can also impact the outcome of significant financial matters. Spousal support, child support and other monetary arrangements sometimes surface in the midst of a dispute, and may dictate each person’s future economic stability. If you anticipate divorcing your spouse, contacting a divorce attorney may appeal to your interests.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Fort Bend Co. man charged with bigamy,” Heather Alexander, March 12, 2014

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