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Two brothers may receive child custody-related prison sentences

When a marriage dissolves within the state of Texas, the divorce court may address each parent’s individual visitation and custody arrangement with any children that are involved. Child custody establishes a set routine that is meant to provide children with the most optimal and stable living condition possible.

Two men may be met with federal charges for kidnapping a Missouri girl and transferring her across a state boundary. Both men have been charged for child endangerment and child abduction. Prior to school one morning, the girl was apparently taken by her father and uncle. The father was discovered with the girl in a rental vehicle close to Oklahoma City. Police officers conjecture that the father was bringing the girl to his Arizona residence. The uncle, who was in his own vehicle on Interstate 44, was evidently arrested by Highway Patrol officers.

The men could receive prison sentences up to four years long for interference with custody and up to seven years long for child endangerment if they are convicted of the charges. The girl’s parents are apparently involved in a child custody quarrel. The mother claimed that the father possesses a history of abuse toward the daughter. This is allegedly the man’s second instance of illegally seizing his daughter.

A custody dispute can be both emotionally and financially draining. Failure to yield to the legal custody arrangement established by the court can result in criminal charges. If you are facing matters related to child custody, you may wish to contact a child custody lawyer with the details of your situation to learn more about your options.

Source: KY3, “Father, uncle of girl from Marionville are both charged in Lawrence County,” Gene Hartley, Feb. 18, 201

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