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Actor files for divorce, seeks joint custody

For many couples, divorce can lead to strong emotions, disagreements and considerable stress. However, those who are going through a high asset divorce may have an even more complicated separation. In McKinney, TX, people who are dealing with the end of a marriage should thoroughly review their options and do everything they can to prepare for divorce properly. From property division to child custody, there are many things that some people in this position have to consider.

Actor Will Arnell, who has been living apart from his wife Amy Poehler since 2012, recently filed for divorce and is seeking joint custody of their two children. The couple's marriage lasted for nine years and they have been cordial since their 2012 separation.

Because they have already been separated for so long, the divorce filing doesn't surprise many fans, who were hopeful the couple could recover from their marital issues and stay together. However, they will apparently divorce on good terms and a messy separation is not anticipated. Before splitting up, the pair had worked together on a number of projects.

When children are involved, divorce can be even more difficult. In addition to worrying about how separation could affect children, parents in this position may have to deal with child support, visitation plans and other divorce legal issues. In order to simplify the experience and work towards a positive outcome, it is imperative for someone who is getting ready to go through a divorce to closely review their situation. Although some people are intimidated by the legal process, reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney can help.


Source:, "Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are officially on the road to being divorced," Tiffany Bailey, April 16, 2014

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