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Child custody measure given green light

When it comes to child custody, there are many issues that some people have to consider, such as relocation and visitation rights. However, it is very important for anyone going through this to secure an outcome that is in the best interests of the child. In McKinney and the rest of Texas, parents who are preparing for a child custody dispute could have a great deal of stress and even confusion with regard to the legal process. Furthermore, laws can change, which highlights the importance of approaching the legal system properly.

In Oklahoma, the Senate Judiciary Committee recently gave the green light to a measure that would permit parents to transfer the custody of their children to someone else for up to 12 months. Under the law, if parents want a relative or other individual to have custody of their child, they can temporarily grant the responsibility to that person.

According to a state senator, the measure was based on a bill that was implemented in Illinois, which a number of other states have also put in place. However, when someone is given custody of a child, there will be certain restrictions. For example, they will not be able to terminate parental rights or provide consent for abortions.

When parents are going through a custody dispute, there usually very strong emotions. People who are experiencing significant stress and other negative feelings could have an even more difficult time in the courtroom. As a result, anyone who is dealing with this should try to do everything they can to ensure a positive outcome for the child and simplify the process. If you are in this position, talking to a legal professional could be helpful.


Source:, "Oklahoma Senate Committee Approves Child Custody Transfer Rules," Shawn Ashley, Mar. 25, 2014

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