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Heiress to mega-retailer files for divorce

When it comes to separating from a spouse, there are many things that any couple should take into consideration, such as the financial impact of divorce, child custody and other family legal issues. However, a high asset divorce can be even more complicated when significant fortunes are at stake. As a result, people who are preparing for a divorce in McKinney or any other part of Texas should try to closely review various aspects of family law and thoroughly prepare for separation before moving forward.

A Wal-Mart heiress has appeared in the news after sources learned that she filed for divorce from her spouse, whom she married in 2008. She has also filed a civil suit against the man and claims he took money from a retail establishment the couple ran together. She will pay spousal support to him according to the terms of their prenuptial agreement and wishes to have her name changed.

The woman received attention in 2004 after a $75 million sports arena at the University of Missouri was built in her name, $25 million of which was donated by her parents. However, once it became evident that she cheated on assignments in college, the arena was renamed and she surrendered her degree.

When people make the decision to file for divorce, they could have to focus on numerous family law issues, including alimony, child support, property division and more. Although some are intimidated by the divorce process and the thought of going to court, there are ways that they can try to make the experience easier. On top of taking the best approach, some people may find value in working with a knowledgeable legal professional.

Source: The Kansas City Star, "Wal-Mart heiress Paige Laurie Dubbert’s new arena: divorce court," Lisa Gutierrez, April 22, 2014

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