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Children impacted by city's overwhelming number of custody cases

Whether a parent wants to petition for sole legal custody or if a divorcing couple decides that joint custody is in the best interests of the child, it is important for people in this position to thoroughly evaluate the details of their situation. In McKinney, TX, parents who are dealing with child custody cases should ensure that they take the right approach and do everything they can to secure a positive outcome for the child.

In Philadelphia, there are thousands of pending child custody cases that have yet to be heard in court. The massive number of cases recently prompted the state Supreme Court to reassign three trial judges, who will only hear custody cases for the remainder of 2014.

Meanwhile, some children could suffer as a result of the delays, which have been piling up since the state's custody act was revised in 2010. The revisions mandated that cases must be closely evaluated when parents or anyone in the house has a criminal record. Although the revisions were supposed to help ensure the safety of children, some could possibly spend more time in a dangerous environment because of the delay.

When it comes to a custody dispute, there are a number of issues that parents may have to deal with, from visitation rights to child custody modifications, relocation and more. Someone who is going through this could have a considerable amount of stress and strong emotions, which could make it even more difficult to put their best foot forward in court. As a result, anyone who is dealing with this may want to think about talking to a legal professional.

Source: CBS Philly, "Yearlong Backlog in Philadelphia Child Custody Cases," Pat Loeb, May 8, 2014

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