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Former case manager says child support agency was sexist, racist

When a child support dispute arises, those who are involved could experience considerable stress and frustration with the situation. Whether someone is struggling with a parent's failure to pay child support or people are having difficulty with calculation of child support, these issues can be very emotional for parents in McKinney, TX, and throughout the country. Parents should always focus on what is in the best interests of the child and ensure that the financial needs of their children are met.

A 36-year-old woman who used to work for the Division of Child Support in Oregon claims the agency often made racist and sexist comments about thousands of people who came to the agency for assistance. The former case manager says that she was let go after she voiced her concerns to managers.

The woman accuses some of her former co-workers of making derogatory remarks about clients based on their racial background and even calling some prostitutes. Furthermore, the woman claims she was instructed to look into the criminal records of clients during training, which should not have been a factor when evaluating a case. In her complaint, the woman states that the people she worked with treated her poorly after she came forward with the allegations.

From medical needs to every day expenses, raising a child can be quite expensive. However, children deserve to be taken care of financially and parents have an obligation to ensure that their kids have what they need. As a result, when someone is struggling with legal issues pertaining to child support, talking to an attorney could be helpful.

Source:, "BOLI complaint alleges Oregon Division of Child Support employees label mothers 'sluts' and 'putas'," Laura Gunderson, April 30, 2014

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