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August 2014 Archives

Details related to paternity suits in Texas

A paternity suit is a legal avenue for determining biological parentage, and this may be initiated by either parent. In some cases, a paternity suit offers a mother the opportunity to establish parentage for the purposes of requesting child support. In other cases, a father may choose to file suit in order to establish parental rights related to concerns such as child custody or visitation. However, a government agency attempting to collect support may file suit. A child or representative may also file a paternity suit.

What constitutes grounds for divorce in Texas?

Many couples may benefit from understanding more about what constitutes as grounds for divorce in their state. Texas Family Code cites seven specific scenarios that may justify the court in granting a divorce. The scenarios that qualify as grounds for divorce include insupportability, cruelty, adultery, felony convictions, abandonment, living apart or confinement in a mental hospital.

Child support covers a variety of expenses

Texas parents who pay or receive child support may be interested to learn more about what custodial parents are allowed to use child support payments to cover. Child support may be used to cover a variety of different expenses, and perhaps the most important expenses fall into the category of basic necessities. These include food, clothing, shoes, rent or mortgage payments and utility bills.