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Details related to paternity suits in Texas

A paternity suit is a legal avenue for determining biological parentage, and this may be initiated by either parent. In some cases, a paternity suit offers a mother the opportunity to establish parentage for the purposes of requesting child support. In other cases, a father may choose to file suit in order to establish parental rights related to concerns such as child custody or visitation. However, a government agency attempting to collect support may file suit. A child or representative may also file a paternity suit.

A paternity suit isn't needed unless there is a disagreement about paternity or if a parent is uncooperative in handling the issue apart from the court system. In cases in which a child has a presumed father, a Texas paternity suit must typically be filed within four years of a child's birth. However, exceptions are possible if a presumed father has been misled into believing that he was the parent of a child or if the presumed father did not live with or engage in a sexual relationship with a child's mother at the time of conception. An example of such an exception may involve a woman's husband being the presumed father when another individual is the biological father. If there is not a presumed father, a suit can be brought in Texas even when a child is an adult.

Blood testing is used to establish paternity, and a report is prepared by a lab for the court. A test showing a minimum of 99 percent likelihood of parentage is needed for parentage to be established. Otherwise, a case will be dismissed.

A parent dealing with a paternity suit may choose to settle through mediation rather than in court. A voluntary suit may also be filed if a father chooses to acknowledge paternity. A lawyer may be helpful through the process in addressing the establishment of visitation, support and other issues.

Source: Findlaw, "Texas Paternity Suits", August 19, 2014

Source: Findlaw, "Texas Paternity Suits", August 19, 2014

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