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October 2014 Archives

What are the grounds for modifying a child access agreement?

In a Texas divorce case, a specific order may be created that determines who gets access to a couple's children. While the order is legally binding, there may be ways to modify the order. To ask the court to modify the order, that individual must have standing to do so.

What is a standard possession order?

In the state of Texas, parents are allowed to make their own child custody arrangements in a variety of ways, as long as both parents are in agreement. If the parents cannot agree about child custody and visitation, then the court will use a schedule that was developed by the Texas Legislature. This schedule is known as the standard possession order. The SPO grants visitation to the non-custodial parent every other weekend from 6 pm on a Friday until 6 pm on a Sunday. School holidays are divided evenly between the two parents.

Can a grandparent gain custody of a grandchild?

According to Texas law, parents have the fundamental right to custody and care of their child. Under normal circumstances, the grandparent does not have a legal right to see the child. However, sometimes circumstances are such that a grandparent feels that they are a more appropriate guardian for their grandchild. It may possible under such circumstances for the grandparent to be awarded custodial control over their grandchild.

How does a spouse qualify for alimony?

Laws found in the Texas statutes describe the ways a state court judge can decide if a spouse may qualify to receive alimony. If a spouse makes a request for alimony, the court considers whether that spouse has sufficient financial resources to pay for basic expenses. Certain other specific conditions will also be considered, such as whether domestic violence took place during the marriage or if one spouse is disabled.