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November 2014 Archives

What happens if a spouse does not pay child support?

Child support laws in Texas can be complex, so it can be helpful for anyone who is court ordered to make support payments to understand the system. In most situations, a noncustodial parent will be required by the court to make child support payments every month. Once the family court has issued this order, a noncustodial parent can face legal consequences if they do not make their payments on time.

Finalizing a divorce in Texas

When a divorce in Texas is finalized, a judge will enter a divorce decree. The items in the decree may have been determined by the judge overseeing the case or the couple may have come to their own divorce agreement. If the couple comes to an agreement on their own, the judge will ask them some basic questions before entering the decree into the court's records.

Texas mother fights to regain custody of her child

A mother is fighting with Texas Child Protective Services and facing allegations of medical neglect. Her 4-month-old was placed in temporary foster care, but CPS claims she can restore parental rights at any time after undergoing psychological evaluations, counseling and parenting classes. However, the child's parents have opted to go the legal route to regain custody.