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December 2014 Archives

Modern divorce rates on the decline

Many Texas residents may be surprised to learn that the widespread assertion that half of all marriages will end in divorce has not been true for many years. A statistical analysis of divorce rates in the country instead demonstrate that the rates have been on a steady path of decline since the 1980s.

Changing child support court orders

Child support orders in Texas are decreed by the court and have the full force of the law behind them. Even if the divorcing parents have reached complete agreement as to possession, access and conservatorship, their arrangement must be put into the proper documentary format and provided to the court for approval. After approval, their arrangements become official court orders and must be complied with until they are changed. Changing them is not necessarily a complex process, but it must be carried out correctly.

How to avoid becoming the victim of adoption fraud

Adoption fraud is the illegal conduct or intentional misrepresentation of someone during an adoption for the perpetrator's financial or personal benefit. To avoid becoming a victim, potential adoptive parents in Texas should know that adoption scammers could be birth mothers, adoption agencies or adoption facilitators.

Adopting a child in Texas

Texas has enacted laws that potential adopters must follow if they wish to become the parent of a child. Because both the potential adopters and the child at the center of the adoption have certain rights, it is recommended that an attorney's advice be sought prior to beginning the process.