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February 2015 Archives

Resolving child custody disputes

When parents or other involved parties have a dispute over how child custody is handled, they may need to take legal action to create an agreement that will define each person's role and obligations related to the child involved. This is commonly referred to as a parenting or custody agreement. Texas residents would do well to be informed about what is commonly included in such an agreement and how the agreement is made.

How to complete an uncontested divorce in Texas

In Texas, a divorce case can be uncontested if one of two criteria are met. The first is that both parties agree to the divorce and are in agreement regarding all related issues. The second alternative is when the other party has not responded to legal paperwork regarding the request for a divorce.

Committing to honest discussion may lower the cost of divorce

Texas residents who are ending their marriages often have trouble discussing important divorce issues with their ex-spouses, but some family law experts say that making the effort to do so could result in lower legal bills. In many cases, divorcing couples can easily accumulate thousands of dollars in legal fees and other expenses over the weeks or months that contentious negotiations or court proceedings might last.