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April 2015 Archives

Failure to pay child support may result in imprisonment

As some Texas parents may know, setting up child support is an important part of divorce. Helping a custodial parent care for the child is court ordered and requires due diligence. However, sometimes child support is not forthcoming, and the judicial order is abandoned. This may lead to various penalties and imprisonment.

Protect retirement assets during divorce

It is important for people in Texas who are going through a divorce to make sure that their future retirement is protected. Although experts generally advise that people should save enough to live on around 70 percent of their income prior to retirement, the financial ramifications of divorce can often mean that many people struggle thereafter to keep their retirement plans on track.

Tax implications of alimony

As many Texas residents may know, alimony has implications for income tax. Both the payer and the payee need to indicate the amount he or she paid in alimony and the amount that was received. Beyond that, it is necessary to provide the Social Security number of the other party on one's tax return, without which a penalty may be assigned. If the divorce settlement specifies that any payments are not alimony, then they are not considered alimony when filing income tax.

Determining child support out of court

There are three ways that a child support arrangement may come about in Texas. A family court may issue a child support order, the arrangement may come as a result of alternative dispute resolution proceedings or the parents may negotiate an agreement on their own. Informally-negotiated agreements will require court approval before they take effect.

Facts about child support in Texas

Of the $26 billion disbursed nationally for child support payments in 2013, $3.5 billion went to children in the state of Texas. A recent study of statistics on child support payments shows their fundamental importance to the proper functioning of a large number of homes.