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May 2015 Archives

Your marriage was special; your divorce is unique

With rare exceptions, people do not get married anticipating divorce. The very nature of traditional marriage vows suggest the expectation of a lifetime commitment. But as the ancient proverb states, "The end is not always visible from the beginning" -- and if you find yourself having to undo a marriage, regardless of the reason, you may find that because you did not plan ahead for it you now have many questions about what to do now that divorce is upon you. 

The impact of a parent's criminal history on child custody

In an earlier post, we discussed the basics of child custody, which is referred to as conservatorship in Texas. There are two different types of conservatorship in Texas: joint managing conservatorship and sole managing conservatorship. A JMC is where both parents share all of the rights and duties of being a parent; a SMC is where only one parent has those rights and duties. Although there is a presumption that conservatorship should be granted to both parents, the court may decide to grant sole conservatorship if one parent has a criminal history.

Swedish study shows benefits of joint custody for children

Parents in Texas who are divorcing might be told that children do better if one parent has primary physical custody instead of the child moving back and forth between two parents with joint physical custody. Many people believe that doing so is too disruptive to the child. However, according to a study from Sweden, children suffer less stress if they split their time between their parents instead of living with only one.