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Your marriage was special; your divorce is unique

With rare exceptions, people do not get married anticipating divorce. The very nature of traditional marriage vows suggest the expectation of a lifetime commitment. But as the ancient proverb states, "The end is not always visible from the beginning" -- and if you find yourself having to undo a marriage, regardless of the reason, you may find that because you did not plan ahead for it you now have many questions about what to do now that divorce is upon you. 

Questions like: "How is the property to be divided?" "What assets are not subject to consideration as marital assets?" "Can the divorce require specific acts to be done by me or my soon-to-be ex-spouse?" "Who gets custody of the children?" "How are visitation rights to be arranged?" "What about spousal and child support?" "What if my ex-spouse has custody of our children and plans to move out of Texas?" These, and many other questions can be a source of considerable additional anxiety layered on top of an already stressful situation.

At the Law Firm of Barbara L. Jouette, we understand how nerve-wracking the sense of uncertainty can be in a divorce proceeding. We help our clients to understand how the process of divorce works, and to answer questions like the ones above (and many more). You are a unique individual, and the circumstances of the ending of your marriage are unique as well. That is why we are not a "boilerplate" law firm: we do not use templates or fill-in-the-blank forms that treat you like an assembly line commodity. We take the time to learn your concerns as well as your objectives, help you to plan them accordingly, negotiate with your spouse's attorney to vigorously represent your interests, and whenever possible strive to help both of you to reach a conclusion that is fair.

Setting up an initial, free-of-charge half-hour consultation with us is a phone call away at 214-385-4562 or toll free at 888-268-7997. Or, if you choose, you can reach us online to learn more about our services and about how we can help you through this difficult episode.

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