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New program helps children cope with divorce

All too often, children in Texas are caught in the crossfire of their divorcing parents. Even if the divorce is amicable, it can be tough for a child to know which parent to support and how to live in two homes. As just about anyone with children knows, however, kids are often masters of disguise. You may never know just how much your kid is struggling with the fact that their parents just don’t love each other anymore, sometimes blaming themselves. But a new computer program has emerged that will help children cope, even when it seems they are handling everything just fine.

Developed by a student at Arizona State University, "Children of Divorce - Coping with Divorce" is an online program that teaches children different coping strategies and how to handle their emotions. The developer was a product of divorce himself and wanted to help other kids get through this tough time. The program is aimed at teenagers age 11 to 16, and it has had tremendous effect.

When the software went through a clinical study in 2009, randomized children were given the program, while others were shown other divorce website. The study proved COD-COD's effectiveness: For every 11 children who went through the program, one mental health issue was prevented.

When you are dealing with divorce, children often have some difficulty dealing with the change in their home life. It is important to keep their best interests in mind, especially at the end of a marriage. COD-COD is a proven way for kids to learn to deal with their feelings, especially when they feel uncomfortable about talking to adults. An experienced attorney may be able to make the transition of divorce smoother so you spend less time focused on your ex-spouse and more on your children.

Source: ASU News, "ASU student's online program helps children of divorce cope," Sarah Muench, June 1, 2015

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